Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Project Quilting 11-6

Vibrant and Vivacious

This is the last challenge for Project Quilting this year and I'm going to miss it. Things have gotten so scary in the world since even our last challenge because of the Corona Virus that has become a global epidemic. The United States has become so complacent about other epidemics that have not quite reached our shores that, now that one has, it is just rippling through our country with dire warnings and one cold stark reality after another. 
  My husband's job is threatened. My job is threatened and we are not even in a risky area. We do, however, depend on the tourist dollar and while his job can withstand a disaster in one or another part of the country, this all encompassing nation-wide shut down does threaten it. My job depends heavily on the tourists coming. We all have so much fear, because of the uncertainty of getting sick, meeting our bills and feeding ourselves. Luckily, I don't have school age children. 
  Being an introvert, I would be fine staying at home. I feel like I have plenty of projects I could do while I sheltered at home. Speaking of Projects...
 It's been a year since I made this top. I have a quilt guild friend who has a long arm and, since I wasn't in a hurry to get it back, she could take her time and do it when she was in the mood. She has finished it and we need to make arrangements for me to get it from her. I'm excited to see what she did, since she had fun doing her own thing. I used years worth of scraps on this quilt top and I was really sick and tired of seeing them all here hanging around so, after I finished this quilt, I donated all the scraps I had left to the guild. OOPS!
I thought maybe for this challenge, I could make a pillow to go along with that quilt, but I had already gotten rid of any similar fabrics. Not to say I don't have other choices of fabrics that are just as bright. So, I made a Dresden Plate flower pillow from other bright fabrics. Some of it came from PQ and some from my husband buying me fabric as he drove by Handcock's in Paducah without really knowing what he was doing. (He did great!) and some pieces I bought in Houston.   I did have the same background fabric  I used on the quilt and the same center, so it should work ok with the Quilt when I get it back. I have a lot of binding in my future if I have to shelter in place ever.
Listening to the news is so scary and yet, so many of us just aren't getting clear answers. Things are changing every day and it's hard to make plans when things are changing so swiftly. For now, I continue to go to work and clean the stores in anticipation for opening (last we heard) March 28. After that, we are unclear if we are unable to open. 
 I am a quilter and an artist and I have many, many more ideas than I can ever do with the time I have. I can keep myself occupied easily with all my projects. I know you can too. As long as we have a sense of wonder and exploration to try new things, to wonder, "what if".. to experiment and plan and dream. We will get through this and be wiser for it. Good Luck!


  1. Enjoy your new pillow (and that lovely quilt once it comes back from the quilter!!) Regarding current times, I think the uncertainty is the biggest frustration in all of this. Hoping for some medical breakthroughs in the near future!

  2. Nice pillow! How about that, your hubs shopping for you!

  3. It's a beautiful piece! Take care of you and stay safe and healthy! it is a super scary time, so many unknowns.